Will Voice Technology Work for Talent Acquisition?

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Will Voice Technology Work for Talent Acquisition?


Episode 2 Season 2

Guest Gordon Collier Will Voice Technology work for Talent Acquisition?

Last Week I had Susan and Scot Westwater from Pragmatic Digital on the show and we discussed Voice Technology. After the show, I was left with some nagging questions. I know that Voice Technology is huge already and that it’s at the very beginning of its hockey stick phase with regards to building our practical applications But I was coming up short on how practical it is for Talent Acquisition So I decided to see if there are any recruiters out there that are using alexa or Google home as a job board or to search or engage candidates. Scot and Susan referred me to my next guest and we have a heart to heart conversation about Voice Tech and the potential for adoption in talent acquisition.

 And we’re going to get started Right Now…

 OK Today’s guest is the CEO of Pipeline Search Solutions LLC which is a contingency Talent Acquisition firm based out of Richmond, VA and he’s first contingency firm to actually take the theoretical to the actual application of Voice Technology in the space. He started My Career Fit which is a VoiceFirst recruitment marketing solution built for the right now talent marketplace. He’s partnering with clients to drive their Employer Brand Value Proposition on the Amazon Alexa and Google home. And we’re going to talk about how he’s doing that and is it working for him.

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