Why Communication is Key

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Why Communication is Key

Over the weekend, we saw how the general public responded to the government advice concerning self-isolation and it wasn’t what the government had hoped for. Swathes of people headed to parks and beaches, stating the advice wasn’t clear enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business or politics, goals need to be communicated clearly from the top-down. Teams and individuals need clear instruction, so they understand what’s expected of them, and how they’re expected to achieve these communal objectives. Its paramount people understand their responsibilities and how this will impact other people.

Business Owners

For people who already own their own business, or are thinking about starting one, the government has made great strides to ensure these businesses can continue to function and new businesses startup, as they will contribute to, and maintain economic growth, over the coming months. Recruitment is shifting in different sectors such as healthcare, delivery drivers and technology-based roles to cope with the current situation, and it’s vital the recruitment industry communicates with these sectors to ensure efficient delivery. Other sectors will see a reversal of fortune, but this isn’t a long-term outlook. The Recruitment Industry has always been subject to peaks and troughs which is why we are a hardy bunch. Communication with clients and candidates not only keeps us busy, but it’s also part of any good recruiters’ motivations.

Personal Goals

Each one of us is motivated by our personal and professional goals but we are also a social species who function as part of a community when it comes to both work and home life. This period of working from home will highlight for many just what a work-life balance could look like. It’s a time for reflection on what’s important to us, as individuals. Things are going to change, there’s no doubt, but it may be time to decide for yourself and your family how you want them to change.

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