Why Automation Doesn’t Suck For Recruiting

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Why Automation Doesn’t Suck For Recruiting

What would you do with your time if you could automate daily tasks like sending reminders, collecting resumes from candidates, and automatically updating candidate profiles in your ATS? Most recruiters would say spending time doing what they love: connecting with the right candidates at the right time. That’s why bots and automation are here to help you live your best recruiting life.

We know, we know. Automation sometimes has a bad rap, but it shouldn’t! More and more recruiting platforms are perfecting the art of connecting human interaction with bot technology, creating an enjoyable experience for both the recruiter and candidate. Bots are at your talent acquisition team’s disposal empowering them to do cool things like leverage machine learning and automation to send pre-screening, scheduling, and engagement texts to multiple candidates at once.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can have automation work with you and for you to provide an amazing candidate experience:


Every recruiter knows that you can have a great candidate that might not be the best candidate for the role your company is hiring for. But you still want to keep them warm, let them know you’re around, and that you like them. Bot technology allows talent teams to more easily execute on the important tasks you rely on to keep your funnel filled. For example, harvesting existing candidate data used to be a headache-causing task, executed with faint hope that candidates from screenings past would re-engage with your employment brand. Now, you can send multiple candidates a message when there’s a new position available — candidates you’ve already qualified — which means you can fill the position faster, and leave candidates feeling in-the-know and wanted. Who doesn’t love that?


Did you know that nearly 80 percent of Millennials look at people and culture when considering prospective employers and opportunities? That’s a huge percentage! By leveraging the powers behind bot and automation technology, your talent team can have employment branding resources like videos, e-books, and benefits documents automatically sent to candidates to put your brand’s best foot forward right from the beginning. Your candidates will feel like they’re getting to know your company, and you can spend time talking with the right candidates for the role and the wider company. Lucky for you, your bot will be the one digging in to pre-screen candidates and help you forge initial connections.

Engage candidates early by sending company information, communicate about upcoming events, and claim your stake in the race of this competitive job market—all via text. One of many powerful examples: amplify (pun intended) your employment brand by finally taking full advantage of all the branding videos you’ve created around your culture and team and send them early in the pre-screening process via text.

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