What To Look For When Hiring Remote Employees

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What To Look For When Hiring Remote Employees

Being able to work remotely takes a unique set of skills – it’s a different experience than working in an office so it’s important to look for specific qualities when looking for a remote employee so you can build a productive and reliable team.

What skills should you look for in remote candidates?

1.       Strong communication and collaboration skills

Remote employees don’t have the luxury of being surrounded by employees – they need to more effective at communication through other resources such as email, slack and phone/ skype calls. Poor communication skills can hamper the productivity of the whole team.

Look for strong written and verbal communication skills when looking for a remote employee – if you don’t find someone with these essential skills it could cost your company a lot of time and money.

2.       Someone who prioritises results over activity

Being an efficient remote worker is not just about logging in and clocking up hours – it is about accomplishing results!  Hire remote employees who are results driven and who work efficiently and effectively rather than those who fill their days with unimportant activity.

3.       Ability to plan, execute and organise

Remote workers need to be able to be in control of their own workload – there isn’t as much physical collaboration as officer workers, so they need to be highly organised.

4.       Ability to work independently

Remote workers need to be able to work independently – there is no one around them most of the time and they don’t have the ability to lean on fellow colleagues in the office.  Finding independent but collaborative thinkers should be a top skill you look for in a remote worker.

5.       Positive attitude and easy to work with

Remote workers need to be able to motive themselves and stay positive – they don’t have other people around them to pick them up or motivate them.  A negative attitude can make things very difficult – for them and for you!

Look for people who get along with others and can handle stressful situations.

6.        The right attitude

You could hire the most qualified person in the world but if they don’t have the right attitude towards remote working then it could be the worst choice you make!  Identify people with a growth mindset!

Hiring the right person for a remote or office position is the most important thing for your business… make sure you get it right!

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