What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment?

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What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment?

Artificial Intelligence speeds up the recruitment process by removing manual tasks and makes the recruiter more productive

What’s the Need for AI in HR?

The HR functions comprise of recruitment, onboarding, compensation, benefits, payroll, etc. However, automation is very much needed in the recruitment process. Here is why:

  • AI reduces the workload of hiring managers and professionals by automating all the tasks.
  • With its adoption, recruiters can save their time and pay attention to other business activities.
  • A job position attracts numerous resumes. Sorting them out and finding the relevant ones is a tough job. In this process, recruiters tend to ignore and misplace many resumes. This results in having bad hires.
  • Urgent hiring calls for technology. When recruiters have to fill in a vacancy in a stipulated period, manual resume processing doesn’t work.

How is AI Revolutionizing HR?

Organizations are trying to have more lucrative HR strategies. And sometimes it is difficult for the people to adopt and learn different AI tool and techniques proficiently which create hurdle in achieving the organizational goal. AI has not only simplified the recruitment process but also changed the way HR works while hiring.

Screening Candidates

You can use technology to shortlist candidates for a job position. A resume parser extracts data from the candidate’s resume and makes the info available in data fields.  Hire smarter and make candidate selection automated using this automation tool.

Matching Candidates

Get quality recommendations matching a resume or job description. Match technologies understand the difference between job description and candidate, so it allows you to find excellent candidates quickly. It provides the best fit through synonym matches related to the domain, skills, tools, location, education, etc.

Resume Enrichment

Get updated information about the candidates through their social profiles. You can also visit a marketplace and get all the information you need from the email ID of a candidate.

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