Top 10 Recruiting Trends for 2019

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Top 10 Recruiting Trends for 2019

2019 will see a whole new set of recruiting trends. These trends will not only provide a direction to your recruitment strategies but also help you in attracting the best talent. In this year, the main focus will be on candidates as it is a candidate-driven market. Recruiters and hiring managers aim to find the best talent. Thus, the entire focus has now shifted to the candidate.

This article talks about the ten latest trends which will play an important role in enhancing the recruitment process. Check out the latest buzzwords to be used in the recruitment sector next year.

  1. Recruitment Marketing

Surprised at how marketing is associated with recruitment? Well, companies are now making recruitment marketing strategies to attract talent to their organization. It is going to be an essential part of the hiring process and considered to be an excellent approach for choosing the right fit.

  • Employer Branding

It is a fact that job seekers search for a company’s reputation before applying for a job. Ideas for employer branding are important to build a strong brand. If an organization has a bad reputation, it will have trouble in hiring candidates as well as retaining employees.

  • Inbound Recruiting

Hiring is not just about choosing a candidate and offering a job. A new recruitment marketing strategy is on the list. Known as inbound recruiting, it focuses on attracting, converting and engaging candidates. Thus, companies are using an inbound methodology to build good relationships with candidates.

  • Candidate Experience

Recruitment is all about providing positive candidate experience. If candidates are not happy with the job application process, they will leave your website. If they are not getting proper communication about the interview process, they will get a negative impression of your company. Happy candidates are likely to accept a job and become loyal employees.

  • Social Recruiting

Use of social media channels for hiring the right candidate is another trend which has made it to the list of 2019 recruiting trends. Searching candidates on social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, forums, personal blogs, etc. is what social recruiting is all about. This practice goes beyond the traditional recruiting process of posting a job and getting the resumes.

  • Recruitment Automation Tools

Automation is the need of the hour. Without automation, you will be left behind in the competition. There is no dearth of recruitment automation tools in the market such as resume parser. It extracts candidate data from resumes and saves the details in data fields. This is a successful way to streamline the recruitment process.

  • GDPR

Another latest recruitment trend is the introduction of GDPR law. Now candidates will have more control over their personal information. This will influence the way recruiting works.

  • Data-driven Recruiting

Data is the new superpower. Using data in recruitment will give you insights on which are the areas in hiring you should focus upon and where you can improve. Use data analytics and pay more attention to metrics such as cost to hire, time to hire, and much more.

  • Structured Interviews

This is the latest form of interviews. Here, the interviewer has already prepared a set of questions to evaluate a candidate’s answers. These are fair and effective as compared to other interviews.

  • Employee Referrals

Referrals are the best way of sourcing candidates. It can never take a backseat owing to its effectiveness. It is the shortest way to hire candidates. That is the reason it is still a popular trend which has made its way even in the next year.

There is a continuous change in the field of human resource. Thus, keeping yourself abreast to the latest recruiting trends should be your priority.

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