The Importance of “Women In Business” Networks

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The Importance of “Women In Business” Networks

I have been privileged to recently attend several Women In Business Network meetings, including a meeting of The Athena Network lead by @emmarundle and, of course, the inspiring Women In Business Expo, held for the first time this year at Farnborough. The rise in this style of connecting women who own their own business, or are succeeding in their chosen field, demonstrates the desire for women to support each other, not just when it comes to purchasing products and services, but also in encouraging development and personal growth.

I’ve also recently had the privilege of working with the brilliant @SarahAlichoudry who has agreed to officially become my mentor! Without attending these events and meetings I would have missed the importance of what having a mentor really means, and how necessary it is for women to empower and support each other, on their journey throughout their working life.

I’ve mentioned in previous articles how proud I am of the fact I’m able to help women achieve their dream of owning their own business within the recruitment sector. The women we work with have been able to gain financial independence, a real family work-life balance, and the knowledge they’re strong and dynamic enough to be a successful entrepreneur. Competing and succeeding in the recruitment market place takes drive and ambition, but mostly the ability to build relationships and deliver a unique and personal brand of recruitment.

One of our fabulous success stories is 2Resourcing, owned and operated by @tessorchard. You can share the story of her success below.

Being able to provide expertise and advise women on how to start up their recruitment agency, is simply the most rewarding part of my career so far.

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