Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 2 George Boole!

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Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 2 George Boole!

So day 2 George Boole track, as always I will hit the high notes and focus on tools, and methods.

Brian Smith “Communication: The Biggest Skills Gap in 2019 & Beyond”. The idea behind of this whole session and is why the left hand and the right hand don’t talk. Specifically in HR and recruiting, why don’t we talk and share. He says that we could do a much better job if we shared. Some tools he mentions that could help are: Slack, Skype and something very unique called a phone.

Next up DK Bartley and “What makes a Great Sourcer?”. He breaks this up into 3 main categories: Operational, Consultative, and Strategic. Strategic-Simply put make sure your goals are inline with Talent Acquisition. Operational things like ATS, Tools, Vendors, RPO etc. Consultative- Providing information and data to help a group make choices. TOOLs/SITEs- Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, Careerbulder, And Monster. So to me this is all about being a database recruiter.

Kameron Swinton and “Sourcing on Linkedin”.  So this is all about Linkedin,  Start simple, create good subject lines and messages, leverage your hiring manager.

Well that is for Day2 George Boole. Until next week “may the source be with you.”

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