Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 2 Anonymous!

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Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 2 Anonymous!!

Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 2 Anonymous!

So day 2 Anonymous track, as always I will hit the high notes and focus on tools, and methods.

Jim Schnyder and “Lessons learned from a Sourcecon Grandmaster”.

CRM and ATS the place of hidden gold. Silver medalists, more hidden gold. The general idea of this is the importance of a ATS/CRM.

Mark Tortorici and Transform Talent Acquisition. Lots of talk about getting training to become a sourcer. While research comes first and is very important. To much of anything is not good, including research. Remember everyone makes mistakes, the only way you don’t make a mistake is if you don’t try. Attack the buzzwords use all permutation for a buzz word or acronym. He goes into tools for words and such like; Computer Desktop Encyclopedia,, Wikipedia, and Google Search. Some cool Strings like: (cmuOR “carnegiemellon”) (bscsOR mscsOR “computer science”)”gpa* * * 3.7..5.0″ for finding GPAs. Now sometimes this will not work in the US so simply VPN to a different country or use Ghost Browser and TorGuard. Then talk about Linkedin, Github, Facebook and more. Also always remember Bing and Google are not the same the results are different, so try both.

Shannon Kelly and “Down the Rabbit Hole: How I went form Sourcing Newbie to Hackathon Competitor”. Lessons learned from Hackathon: don’t over think it, Follow the bread crumbs till you get the answer. Remember to source outside of Linkedin as well.

TOOL: Gmail, Extension Manager, Dashlane, Notepad, Connectifier, Intelligence Search, Contactout, Lusha, Prophet, Mailtester, Whois, Search is back, Inteltechniques, Truecaller, and Boolean.

Well that is for Day2 Anonymous. Until next week “may the source be with you.”

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