Selling the Candidate on Your Company

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Selling the Candidate on Your Company

Premier recruits, the type who can take your business to the next level, have their pick of job opportunities. So, how do you get them to consider your organization as the first choice? Start selling them on your company, as well as on the position, early in the process.

Humanize the application process

Smart companies have solid, candidate-focused recruitment practices in place. Make sure that at every step along the way – from the job ads and any email communication to the phone screening and the first interview – the candidate feels like the company is people, not process-driven.

Job ads often are the first impression a candidate has of your company. Use the ads as an opportunity to lure the most qualified candidates for the job, and to tell a compelling story about your company. Does your company have world-class clients, do employees stay with the organization a long time, or has the firm won awards for its corporate culture?  Advertise the company facts that will have the most appeal.

If you respond by email to applicants, don’t forget to reinforce critical facts about the company in the response.

Next, someone knowledgeable about the position, and passionate about the company, should perform the initial phone screening. A lackluster, uninformed screener doesn’t speak well of the company.

Face-to-Face Selling

The interview is the hiring manager’s chance to seal the deal. Take a personal interest in them and make them feel at home when they arrive for the interview.

You know that you must sell the position, the position’s potential for growth, and the candidate’s potential for growth. You also have the chance to sell the company. So, you must be passionate about the job and your company.

During the interview, explain the company’s:

  • potential for growth
  • place in the market
  • competitors
  • innovations and awards
  • perks

Describe the culture so that the candidate can determine if its vision and values seem like a good fit. Consider taking the recruit on a tour either before or after the interview. Select the best, most passionate employees and introduce the candidate to them. This helps reinforce the culture message.

As the hiring manager, you are responsible for closing the sale with your candidates. If you start selling early, and you humanize your process, you’ll land more top talent.

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