Recruiting Developers: Top 6 Tech Hiring Statistics

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Recruiting Developers: Top 6 Tech Hiring Statistics

Recruiting developers? Here are 6 statistics you have to know!

Raise your hand if you need developers!

Yep, it seems everyone is struggling to recruit tech talent these days.

Are we really facing a tech talent shortage? And if so, what can you do about it?

Keep reading and find out!

Top 6 developer hiring statistics

Here are the 6 most important statistics every HR professional and recruiter hiring developers in 2020 should know:

Developer hiring statistics #1

  • According to the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, which surveyed 90,000 developers around the world, only 6.4% of developers are currently unemployed and looking for a job!

Considering this data, it’s no wonder that…

Developer hiring statistics #2

  • Almost 9 in 10 HR professionals (86%) say they find it challenging to find and hire technical talent, with over a third (36%) saying they find it “very” challenging, as reported in a recent Indeed survey.

Unfortunately, it seems like it will only get worse…

Developer hiring statistics #3

However, not everything is pitch blak. Luckily…

Developer hiring statistics #4

  • 73% of developers are interested in hearing about new job opportunities, according to the latest StackOverflow research.

So what are they interested in exactly?

Developer hiring statistics #5

  • Recent research conducted by Codility has found that a majority (55%) of developers say that professional development is the most important factor for choosing an employer. Salary (52%) was the second most frequently cited reason for choosing an employer, followed by the opportunity to work on interesting projects (43%).

Is that it? What about the perks and benefits?

Developer hiring statistics #6

  • Recent survey conducted by Dice found that two things topped the list for tech job seekers: great healthcare benefit and the ability to work remotely.

Wait! There’s more!

BONUS statistic to help you hire developers

  • Research from Stack Overflow found that the majority (27%) of developers heard about their current position from a friend, family member, or former colleague.

➡️ What does this mean for you? Two words –  employee referrals.

Struggling to hire developers?

If you’re struggling to recruit top tech talent, you should reexamine your current hiring process and implement new, innovative strategies.

Learn from experts – check out my article How to Recruit Like Top Tech Companies and find out how to hire like Google and other tech giants!

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