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Recruit Smarter, Not Harder

More than once, after going through a long and vigorous recruiting process with a candidate who looks like the perfect fit, we end up with an employee who quits after a month, or worse, becomes a drain on the company. When we keep recruiting but not ending up with the right talent, this doesn’t mean that we should work harder. It just means that we need to look deeper into what we’re doing and find out how to improve. Recruiting is all about utilizing all of your resources, the best way possible, so you can save time and money and still come out on top. Here are a few ways for you to recruit smarter:

  1. Understand the Role and Its Future Development

In some cases, you may be recruiting for a new role in the company, one that you have no previous information about. It is critical to understand exactly what necessity in the company this role fills, and what qualifications are needed to succeed in it. The more detailed and accurate you are about the position, the easier it will be to write the job advertisement, as well as locating the right person.

Even if the role is not a new one, don’t rely on old job postings. Talk to the person leaving the position, as well as other employees, and try to understand how the role has evolved. You can always aim for a more accurate fit with the next hire. It’s also important to know what developments this role may offer in the future. Are there promotion opportunities? Will the employee be able to receive further education? Travel? Those are things that will help attract top talent, as well as give them the full picture about their career path.

  1. Use HR-Analytics

Analytics shouldn’t be a scary word — it should be something that makes your recruiting easier and more efficient. While setting up the initial systems to gather all of the data needed to provide you with recruiting analytics may look like a big hassle, it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Using systems such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Employee Performance Management Tools can provide you with data about past and current employees, as well as candidates that didn’t make it. It will help you look at trends and pinpoint the best person to hire, as well as locate which part of your hiring process may not be working well.

  1. Your Candidates are Always on Their Phones, and You Should Be, Too

Today’s workforce is made up of generations Y and Z, and they are spending most of their time on their mobile phones. It is no surprise, then, that 45% of jobseekers search for their next role on a mobile device, on a daily basis. 89% of them also think that mobile devices are crucial for job hunting. Why do people use their phones to look for a job? It’s mostly because they multitask while commuting, are out with friends and so on. Or they want to hide the fact they’re looking for a new role at work.

This is why it’s critical for you to optimize your website for mobile, and make it as easy and as attractive as possible to apply using a phone. If an applicant is unsuccessful in applying during their morning commute, it’s doubtful that they would save that link for later. Of course, a big part of phone use is social media. Make sure that you post and advertise your roles in the right channels for your ideal candidates, and even if they are not actively looking, they may come across your post.

  1. HR Technology is Continually Growing, So Keep Up

There are so many technological tools that can help you automate the recruiting process, sustain relationships with candidates, collect data (as mentioned), conduct remote interviews, screen applicants with skills tests or background checks and much more. The more you open your mind to the new developments, the more you have to gain. Look at what your competitors are using, read the latest updates and attend conferences to make sure you don’t miss out on new ways to make your life easier.

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