HRTech Tools You Need to Know More About – July 2019

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HRTech Tools You Need to Know More About – July 2019

This month we’re featuring WorkTech that allow People teams to do their jobs more efficiently at scale. From video interviewing to sourcing, these tools have all impressed us with their use of new technology like AI, intuitive products, and most importantly their ability to drive measurable ROI.

The solutions we’re highlighting this month hit our radar either through a recommendation by an HR practitioner, or through the monthly meetings we have with VCs, analysts, vendors, etc.

We especially want to thank our stellar council of forward-thinking HR and TA practitioners who are always finding new technologies for us to either discover, or re-visit after new product updates.

Without further adieu, here’s our latest list of HR technologies that need to be on every People leader’s radar:

Mya: Mya is one of the fastest-growing products in the recruiting chatbot space with over $32 million raised from top-tier VCs. Mya has invested a lot of that funding into R&D, which has allowed them to build a leading AI product. Their product has impressive stats including a 93% application completion rate, 79% reduction in time-to-interview, and 2.5x increase in funnel conversion.

Fetcher: Fetcher uses a combination of AI and experienced humans to help you fill positions in less time than the competition. They drastically reduce the time to hire and in some cases can get you interviews with qualified candidates in days. The time and money Fetcher is saving companies has helped them land customers like Doordash, Reddit, and Shopify.

HireVue: HireVue has been a pioneer in the video interview space since it was started in 2004. Their product offers unique assessment technology that integrates games and tech assessment. They’re back on our radar as they are now using AI to improve efficiency and help mitigate bias in hiring. HireVue is the leader in the enterprise space with over 700 prominent customers.

TheMuse: TheMuse was one of the first companies in the employer branding space and is now used by many well-known companies from AT&T and IBM to Allbirds. They create interesting content about the best parts of your company to show candidates what it’s like to work there. Their platform is a lot more user-friendly than traditional job boards and has a substantial reach with millennials in top markets.

Breezy HR: This product is an unbelievably intuitive and simple ATS, which makes it an excellent option for companies looking for their first ATS. Breezy HR offers integrated sourcing tools, the ability to post to multiple job boards, candidate messaging, and excellent analytics. Though the product’s simplicity makes it attractive to small companies, they also boast many larger customers like L’Oreal, Sephora, and T-Mobile.

Hopefully, this month’s list put some new HR solutions on your radar that are relevant to the problems you’re working on currently. If you’ve run across any interesting solutions lately that you think we should be highlighting in future month’s please let us know!

This post originally appeared on SelectSoftware’s blog where we write about the latest in HRTech.

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