How to Build Smart Job Descriptions

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How to Build Smart Job Descriptions

The world of work has changed.

As a busy HR professional, think about all the technology you use every day that was unfathomable not so long ago.

You post jobs online; track and analyze candidates with AI; measure the pulse of your organization; provide real-time feedback to employees – all in a bid to be more productive, strategic and stay ahead of the huge demands on your shoulders.

But here’s something to think about: what’s the one thing that you work on for every job and employee, but you’re probably doing the same way your company did it 20 years ago?

Job descriptions.

The Sad State of Job Descriptions Today

Even within HR, a lot of people throw around the terms “job descriptions” and “job posts” interchangeably, because job descriptions are seen merely as a document to advertise open positions.

But in many organizations, once the job is advertised and candidates are sourced, there’s no connection between the job description and the questions that candidates get asked on interviews.

Post-interview, the job description you worked so hard on is stuffed into a filing cabinet until the next rushed request comes barrelling towards you.

Bottom line: In many companies, job descriptions are isolated documents, created through antiquated processes, that bear no impact on an employee after they’ve gone through the hiring process. 

But there’s a smarter way to build job descriptions, and use them as a tool that fosters better HR programs… instead of a necessary, time-crunched nuisance.

Consider the following:

  • You’re already using technology for almost everything you do.
  • You want to spend your time strategically, so you have the freedom to work on projects that make a lasting impact.
  • You’re looking to build better processes for your company and get the recognition that you deserve for doing so.

Given all that, isn’t it time to re-think on how you’re doing your job descriptions?

A new wave of forward-thinking organizations think so. That’s why they’re turning to Smart Job Descriptions.

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