Hiring from Abroad? Here Is Another Talent Source to Consider

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Hiring from Abroad? Here Is Another Talent Source to Consider

Hiring from Abroad? Here Is Another Talent Source to Consider

According to the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies, more than 35% of the Silicon Valley residents were born outside the USA.

Relocation is not a trend anymore — it’s a reality.

For some employers, it’s a way to bring diversity to the team. For others, it’s a necessity since they struggle to avoid the local talent shortage.

In both cases, recruiters need reliable sources of motivated and qualified candidates. It’s not just about typing “relocation” to the LinkedIn search bar and writing each and every developer with this word in a profile. It’s about looking for a true company and culture fit, who is really motivated to move and change their life forever.

Looking for candidates in specific relocation-related places can improve the hiring effectiveness and reduce the time needed to find a suitable person. That’s where such initiatives as “Who Wants to Be Relocated?” from Relocate.me may come in handy.

What is it?

Who Wants to Be Relocated?” is a fancy webpage with a public collection of profiles of tech specialists, all of whom are ready to relocate. You can see a candidate’s name, time spent in the industry, e-mail, current location, and possible relocation destinations. When available, the LinkedIn and GitHub (or Dribble or Behance) profiles are also attached.

The creation of the project was inspired by the “Who wants to be hired?” initiative on Hacker News. You have definitely seen these topics where people share their information when looking for work. Our Relocate.me team aimed to do something similar but with a focus on the techies, willing to relocate. Luckily, the initiative turned out to be useful for both candidates and recruiters.

Twice a month, the page is updated with new selected profiles of software engineers, DevOps, designers, testers, PM’s, and the like.

Since the initiative is free for both parties, it’s an incredibly convenient place to find and be found. Who knows, perhaps your future teammate has already placed their profile there? Check on WWBR — no registration needed.

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