Growth of Blockchain Developers

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Growth of Blockchain Developers

Growth of Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is the new tech that companies are running after. It is the tech that underlies bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So far blockchain has transformed multiple industries including supply chain, healthcare, finance and more. In fact, there has been tremendous demand for blockchain developers across the world. According to Forbes, there has been nearly 6000 percent increase in the number of blockchain developers around the world. And, as much as 92 percent businesses want to get on the blockchain brandwagon according to the same Forbes report.

Blockchain developers are in huge demand across the world, as many industry verticals are now gearing to add blockchain to transform their operations and increase productivity. From the employment perspective, it is one of the most rewarding careers in tech. As per Paysa reports, the average salary of a blockchain developer is $95,545 while the best of blockchain developers can earn up to $140,000.

Skills required for a blockchain developer

Among skills knowledge of distributed ledger is the primary skill one needs to have. Additionally, security of blockchain, interoperability, and knowledge of various blockchain platforms can fetch a good development role. These days certifications are also available which can be pursued to further increase employment opportunities. Central Blockchain Council of America offers multiple certifications which can add to the existing skills of blockchain developer and further their career. The certifications equip pursuers with advanced skills required for to carve a job role in blockchain development.

Certified blockchain professionals can find employment across all industry verticals. However, full-fledged experience with one of the verticals can give a boost to career and growth opportunities.

In the coming years, there’s likely to be shortage of blockchain professionals. According to Accenture, skill deficit can cost up to 975 billion and 11.5 million trillion to companies like the USA and Germany.

This gives an opportunity for aspiring tech workers to switch to blockchain and existing blockchain developers to upskill themselves to find more lucrative opportunities in blockchain development.

For anyone looking to make a career in tech, blockchain presents a good opportunity. It is one of the most sophisticated technologies which has brought about a revolution in tech and it is flourishing. If you have any inclination towards blockchain, now is the best time to start learning the skills required or get certified to get ahead in blockchain development.

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