Do You Like Your Job?

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Do You Like Your Job?

I don’t know if there are any concrete numbers on this topic but if I had to guess I would say that less than 25% of people like their jobs. Most people continue to go to work because they feel they have no other options. They are either lacking in the educational background to improve their situation or maybe they have overextended themselves financially and they have to keep working at a job they hate to support their lifestyle.

Whatever the reason is that you continue to work at a job you hate I am here to tell you there are other options. The internet is continuing to become more and more a part of people’s lives. Older people, that are technologically challenged, are even finding their way on-line. It would make sense that the growing popularity of the internet would lead to career opportunities for people. After all, if someone is buying from the internet than someone has to give that person an avenue to make their purchase.

This is where the article gets to the point if you haven’t already figured it out. You can begin your own internet business for much less than if you were to open a store selling the same products. You don’t need liability insurance for slip and fall accidents, no worker’s compensation insurance for employees needed to man the store, etc… For an internet business you need a decent computer and preferably a quick internet connection, otherwise you’d go nuts waiting for the slow dial-up services.

Because the internet is relatively new, meaning within the last 15 to 20 years or so, not many people grew up thinking they want an internet business when they grew up. At the same time, people do not even consider it now that they are old enough to work. If you really think about it you are being held down by your employer, if you don’t like your job that is. You dread going to work. You painfully make it through each day. By the time you get home you are too emotionally drained to even think about changing your career. When you finally do consider it, it is only because things have gotten so bad at work you just need to get out the door.

The problem with this situation is that you end up going from one bad situation to another because you don’t think clearly when the offer comes. You are so desperate to get out the door of the current company anything looks good.

I went to college and got my bachelor’s degree. I have completed half of an MBA program. While in the MBA program I questioned why I was doing this. The degree would only allow me to get a higher paying job I hate, where I still need to deal with corporate politics. As I write this article it is 70 degrees outside, which is good for April in Massachusetts. I spent the whole day playing outside with my 2 year old daughter. This kind of time spent with my daughter is possible because I made the change and now live off the internet.

You can do it too!

I was skeptical to make the leap to the internet too. One thing I read since I started my quest to live off the internet was, “If you continue to do what you have always done you will continue to get the results you have always gotten.” It just made so much sense to me and I live by that saying now. I went to college because I wanted to build a good life for myself. At 18 years old I saw my father get laid off from the company he was with for 25 years. I didn’t want that to happen to me and I thought a degree would prevent it. Well, I was let go from my company after 4 ½ years.

I am tired of getting up everyday hating my job. I am tired of being controlled by a company that could care less about me. So, I am doing something different than I have always done, hoping for different results than I have always gotten.

What is preventing you from doing the same thing? It is estimated that 500 million websites will be created between now and 2010. By getting your foot in the door now you are giving yourself the ability to become established before the levels of competition make it difficult to be successful.

My article is not designed to trick you into an MLM program. (multi-level marketing) I am personally against those. I am talking about affiliate and reseller programs. I personally participate in both and have success with both. I would normally give a few examples in my articles but the rules of most sites prevent affiliate links in articles. If you want to learn more do a search on your favorite search engine or feel free to contact me directly using the email address in my profile below. I would be happy to spend the time to help you pick the program best for you.

If you made it through this article there is a good chance you are looking for a way out of your current employment situation, or you need employment. The best part of this whole thing is you can do it part-time to start so you can keep your job until you establish a level of income you are comfortable with. I hope this article has given you the encouragement to take the chance and go for it. You deserve better, we all do.

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