Coronavirus Crisis: Who is Hiring and Who is Firing?

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Coronavirus Crisis: Who is Hiring and Who is Firing?

Layoffs caused by coronavirus pandemic have already started. However, some companies are raising wages and hiring like crazy! 

The Coronavirus completely disrupted the job market!

The sudden coronavirus outbreak completely disrupted the job market.

Many employers​ have no choice but to shut down their businesses and fire their employees.

On the other hand, some industries, such as health care and logistics, are facing a sudden need for a huge number of new employees.

Read on to learn who is hiring and who is firing!

Who is hiring in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some companies are in need of additional workforce in order to support the growing need for their services.

Here are the top 5 industries that are extensively hiring during coronavirus crisis:

  1. Shipping and delivery companies
  2. Supermarket chains
  3. Online learning companies
  4. Technology companies and service providers
  5. Childcare providers.

The world’s largest retailer Walmart said that the demand for everyday goods such as food and house essentials had surged to the point that they need to hire 150,000 workers to handle it.

Amazon is also raising wages and opening 100,000 new positions to ensure its delivery network can withstand the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by Financial Times, “Tech companies are still hiring feverishly as they move to take advantage of a world shifting increasingly to digital as a result of the coronavirus, despite mass lay-offs elsewhere and growing concerns over plummeting global markets.”

Who is firing because of the coronavirus crisis?

The United Nations estimates that nearly 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide due to the coronavirus crisis.

However, some industries are more susceptible to coronavirus economic impacts than others.

The top 5 industries that will be firing due to coronavirus crisis are:

  1. Travel and tourism industry
  2. Hospitality industry
  3. Entertainment industry
  4. Business conferences and trade shows
  5. Manufacturers (those that haven’t received vital parts from China).

The first rounds of layoffs have already started in those industries.

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