alexa Does My Company Need a Voice Technology Strategy for Talent Acquisition?

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alexa Does My Company Need a Voice Technology Strategy for Talent Acquisition?

Guests: Susan and Scot Westwater from Pragmatic.Digital
Voice Technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are being touted as the “next big thing” and businesses are being encouraged to leverage Voice or miss out big. Similar to how the smartphone changed how the world interacts with digital content, Voice has already begun to transform how we search, engage, and shop in the digital world. As a business offering a service or product, what does it all really mean? Where should you even start?
And is this a viable technology for recruiters to engage or find candidates?
We’re going to be discussing all that and more on the Speaker Agenda Show RIGHT NOW
We have a first on the Speaker Agenda Show as I I have 2 guests. My guests today are a husband and wife team that have literally written the book on developing Voice Strategy for organizations. They help companies use Voice technology like Amazon Alexa and google home to grow market share by becoming discoverable and valuable to their audience. Please welcome to the show Scot and Susan Westwater.


Here is the link to the free PDF download  What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Voice Technology

Thanks for listening to the episode about Voice Strategy with Susan and Scot Westwater. Here are links to the podcast and videocast : alexa, Does my Company Need a Voice Technology Strategy for Talent Acquisition?

and here is the link to their book  Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Experiences

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