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A Better Candidate Experience…

Sometimes going back to basics reminds us of just that…the basics.  And very often we seem to forget some of the basics of candidate interviewing etiquette.

Here are some of the basic tips to remember when it comes to interviewing etiquette:

  1. Remember to return all calls and emails within 24 hours.
  2. Introduce yourself – show courtesy by standing and shaking hands when the candidate arrives to the interview room
  3. Make the candidate feel comfortable, e.g. ask them if they need a break or refreshments
  4. Outline the interview structure for the candidate
  5. Ask the candidate if you can take notes
  6. Be prepared for the interview (prepare by reviewing the resume and developing key questions prior to meeting the applicant)
  7. Turn off your cell phone and or PDA.
  8. Be on time and prepared.
  9. If necessary to transition the applicant to the next interviewer/team by formally introducing and stating both names clearly
  10. Make the company introduction – be prepared to market the company, culture, benefits as well as current projects, positive opportunities, etc
  11. Ask the candidate if he/she has any questions
  12. Explain the next steps in the process
  13. Thank the candidate for their time
  14. Offer refreshment, “nature break” to candidate
  15. Present yourself in a professional matter at all times – you are usually making the first impression of your company.

Simple tips but often forgotten but add to the overall positive candidate experience.

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