What is Sourcing and how it is done?

The whole process of recruitment is about two processes: Sourcing the right candidates and selecting the best fit. Sourcing is the first and most important methods in the recruitment process, that is kick started as soon as the “Go ahead“is given to fill the vacant position.

What is Sourcing?

Simply put, Sourcing is nothing but searching for talented candidates for the vacant position. The basic purpose of sourcing is to create a talent pool of qualified individuals by using various methods available. Sourcing begins with defining our criteria and locking-in our requirements and then choosing the best method that can give us a better ROI. Traditional sourcing has always been about communicating the job details to the qualified candidates; more the number, better the results.

Over the time sourcing has been through Advertising in newspapers, specialist and organizational publications and Job centers. While they are the major go-to methods during those early years; there have been methods that are duly adopted that made the process of sourcing an effective one. Recruitment Consultants and Recruitment agencies have made it easy for the employers by developing standard procedures coupled with their strong technical and professional skills. In this era, the word sourcing is synonymously used with the term CV Sourcing for the fact that most of major sourcing methods are centered on CV Sourcing.

Consider this: There are almost an 80 million C.Vs online and 40,000 C.V locations which can effectively targeted by using present day technology to find the list of qualified and talented candidates for the job. These locations may include job boards, niche resume databases, search engines, professional groups, social media sites and networks. C.V Sourcing, being a most important aspect in Recruitment, RPO Service agency is equipped with an entire department with all the technical resources whose major work is to search this wealthy mine of CVs to find the best active candidates and screen them based on their clients requirements and present the fresh list of the creamy layer.

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