Social Media Recruiting: Using Facebook as your recruitment tool.

With an average active user strength of more than 1 Billion, Facebook is generally viewed as a platform for engaging with our friends. A lot more can be done from a recruiter point of view if you choose to use this platform for your recruitment process. So, How do you find the right fit for your recruitment process using Facebook? Here’s a basic guide that helps you do the same:


Using dedicated Facebook pages must be a definitive part of your long-term strategy for recruiting. You must first try to build an image for your company and concentrate on building followers. This can be done by giving a sense of value to your audience regarding the posts you will be sharing with them. You can market your services and post your job ads . Coming from your page it holds a lot of value to your audience. You can also use others tool for swift and specific purposes.


The“Facebook Marketplace”is another service you can try. Most people are only aware of Facebook ads to target the audience for the job position, but the “Facebook Marketplace”is also a better option if you want to post your ad for free. You have to fill this basic information about your job posting: job title, location, the category with a small description about your job particulars. The main difference between a “Facebook advert” and a job posting of this type is that you cannot target your set of audience for this type of posting. So, if you are short of time and are need of an aggressive approach you can try “Facebook Adverts”.


By far Facebook Adverts are the most efficient way to go about your business as a recruiter. Given that they charge good bucks for their service, it has to be said that “Facebook Adverts” are the super-effective and economic compared to Google Ad words and other similar platforms. The most important thing about these adverts is its ability to literally pick the target audience. Being one of the largest social media platforms it can give your advert an extraordinary reach coupled with a laser-like targeting capability. You can target your audience based on their location, gender,sex, their interests,their digital activities and what not. For example, if you are in search of a candidate for a senior level position living in or around Florida; you can show up your ad only to these folks giving you a good chance of getting a lead . But make sure that you did not narrow this search too much as you might be missing on a word of mouth factor associated with a wider search.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of CV Writing:

A CV is a like a window through which a recruiter chooses to look at the candidate. By far, it is one of the most effective forms of presenting your skills in a documented form. While a well formatted C.V improves the chance of giving your best shot, a bad C.V will definitely shut the door.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts we have composed to assist you in composing a better C.V:

Dos :
Check out the recruiter, get to know his requirements and compose your C.V with respect to the job you are applying for.

Start your C.V with concise details for communication i.e. your e-mail, telephone, fax and address.

Use positive language, start your sentences with action verbs and minimize the use of pronouns. For example start your sentence with “Executed a major project with a team …” instead of “I was a part of an execution team…”

Bullet points are easier to read; use them to highlight your achievements and responsibilities from your recent jobs.

Put your most recent job experience followed by others in timeline making it easy for the recruiters to check your relevance.

Include the time periods of your jobs with dates; leaving out gaps can give leeway to a thought that you are hiding something.

Take a special care on the layout of the document. A crispy and effective layout not only makes it easier to read but also improves the look.

Don’ts :

Don’t make your CV too long or lengthy to read. Two pages is the accepted, three is okay but only if you cannot make it into two.

Using a personal e-mail Id to submit your application is a big no too, use a professional one instead.

Don’t include the salary expectations, it is always better to discuss in or after your interview.

Don’t lie. We cannot stress this one more. Employers are equipped with their own methods to check the information. Make sure that the information you have provided is true to the last word.

Last but not the least: Never skip the grammar check.

Outsourcing ?? An option to take or not ??

Outsourcing some part of the business is the future of any business. Every big company outsources its part of business to a 3rd party company, it may be recruiting process, it may be pay-roll process, or sometimes it may the whole project.

Now lets see why a company should outsource a part of its process:

Reason 1: Cost – Employees are expensive

The hidden costs for every full-time employees are payroll taxes, paid time-off, equipment needs, training, health benefits, office space… you see where I’m going with this? Alternatively, if they simple outsource they can reduce the whole cost.

Reason 2: Experienced People – Outsourcing companies have more Brain Power

An outsourcing company has mastered in its area and have experts to deal with that particular type of work. For example if you want to recruit someone in your company with a skill which you are not so familiar and try to interview him/her, you will end up hiring a wrong guy for sure. (Unless you are a superman who can do anything). So better get an RPO Services company which can handle any type of requirements for you.

Reason 3: Get time to focus in business development.

One of the biggest reasons why small and mid-sized companies outsource their process is to get some free time when someone else is doing the job for them, so that they can concentrate in getting new clients or improve their services to their current clients.

Companies make it their top priority to stay-up-to-date and serve their clients with best quality services. So they pick best companies, outsource some part of its process and get things going great for them.

So, dear friends

The decision is yours whether you are moving a step ahead and hiring an outsourcing company for your needs or work on your own till you expand a little and wait for the right time to engage an outsourcing company. Keep in mind that not all agencies are the same so it’s important to do thorough research before choosing to hire one.

Challenges Faced by RPO Firms

In the present Recruiting has become one of the biggest challenge in some of the companies and they are facing some challenges to fill the vacant positions but others are unwilling to recruit because they are worried about the, but others are unwilling to recruit because they are worried about the economy or don’t have the resources to pay someone a competitive salary. in general challenge, not a issue but to select a talented candidate is a big challenges. There isn’t just one way to accomplish that, but perhaps this week’s news roundup will help.

The major recruitment Challenges Employers are facing – The major issue that disturbing employment challenges is that a most of the employers as well as small business owners consider that the recession is still with us. The depressing viewpoint on our country’s commercial climate means that fewer organizations will be hiring, especially since many of them don’t forecast an increase in sales for the first half of 2014.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in its early years– From the past ten years  RPO industry has been changing immensely , only just knew that  what RPO was, and even those  people who can that understood recruitment outsourcing were very doubtful and vigilant about the idea. Outsourcing other business functions was in advance and achieving success, but outsourced recruiting was the final frontier.

Does RPO Always Hiring the Same People? Recruiting people from the same companies necessarily. The candidate’s sources may have a established confirmation with your organization. But, restricting your candidate pool may make it difficult to fill the vacant positions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Marketing Social media marketing and recruiting is about doing what works and using what’s trending to your advantage. It’s not about being popular, or even doing what’s popular, as what’s popular may not work for your audience or your employment brand. The key to social recruiting isn’t much different from social media marketing. You need to engage your audience, and use these platforms as something more than a bullhorn for your company and open positions.

Requirement  for smarter sourcing of candidates-  With every vacant position you post, you will constantly receives plenty of resumes from candidates who are unqualified for the position, hence, companies desires to source out the smarter candidates  for their open positions. Sourcing smarter could mean a variety of tactics, such as mobile recruiting, employee referrals, and social media recruiting. A great measurement you need to have to determine your best sources for great candidates is the signal to noise metric. This metric shows you which sources ultimately lead to the most hires.

Top 10 Most Useful Country Stats For International Recruiters (Part 2)

Interactive Business GraphIn the first part of this article we identified that globalization, domestic talent shortages, and the threat and potential of emerging economies are driving employers not only to hire more and more staff for international assignments, but to source talent from all over the world. Recruiters from both multinationals and ambitious small employers will need to be constantly developing their skills in international recruitment if they are to compete effectively in the international talent war.

As a result, international recruiters must have insight into the relevant international trends, which can both inform and enhance their hiring strategy. In part 1 of this article we outlined the top five most useful country stats for international recruiters, and below you can find the next five:

1.World’s fastest and slowest rising salaries by country. When advising your business or managers on where to source international talent for the best price, it makes sense to start with the countries reporting the lowest starting salaries. However, how can you be sure that a country with competitive salaries today won’t experience hyper salary inflation and actually have relatively high salaries in two, five or even 10 years time? To help keep a track of pay rises by country, I’d recommend that you monitor the annual Culpepper Salary Budget & Compensation Planning Survey, which reports on salary data for over 100 countries. It seems to be the best free survey of its kind.

2. Highest and lowest risk destinations. Another survey and set of statistics is the People Risk Index by Aon. It assesses 138 global destinations in terms of the risk; that is, the barriers that may be in place preventing you from effectively hiring talent.

3. The most expensive cities for expats. There are many surveys that talk about how expensive or economical a destination is, but many of them don’t distinguish between locals and expats. It’s important to be aware of this distinction, as countries that can be quite economical for locals can actually be especially expensive for expats. This is why it is important to review surveys that show the most and least expensive cities for expats when planning your international hiring initiative. The best survey I have found for this is the 2013 Cost of Living Rankings survey for mercer, which charts the costliest cities for expats.

4. Most in demand skills over the next five years by global location. International Recruiters also need to be able to put on their strategic hat and understand projected supply and demand for talent in various global destinations. One survey that provides some good data on future demand for talent is the Global Talent 2021 survey by Oxford Economics, which looks at the future supply and demand for talent in specified global regions across nine sectors. It shows forecast talent deficits and surpluses by location.

5. Most innovative locations. And last but not least, the most innovative locations. This is another great stat for international recruiters looking to hire innovative talent or looking to advise their business on where best to expand to ensure their innovative and creative business is welcomed. The Insead-Wipo-Cornell University has just completed its ranking of 142 countries on their innovation capabilitiesbased on the number of patents granted.

Top 10 Most Useful Country Stats for International Recruiters (Part 1)

Businessman Hand Working With New Modern ComputerGlobalization, national talent shortages, and the threat and potential of emerging economies are forcing businesses to become more global than ever. Several studies (including one from Towers Watson) predict that there will be increases in international assignments throughout 2014, and the main reason for this is business expansion overseas. This means we can expect to see increasing activity in the international sourcing arena as international recruiters look to place both expats and locals in offshore roles. Whether you are an aspiring or active international recruiter, it’s vital that you stay in touch with global HR trends if you are to be an effective international recruiter, and below I have outlined my “Top 10 Most Useful Country Stats for International Recruiters.”

1. Countries with the highest and lowest employee turnover. This is a very useful statistic that can show you how hard or easy it may be to both attract and retain talent within certain countries, helping you to plan your campaign more effectively. Kelly Global Services has just released its excellent2013 Employee Content Survey, which shows the 10 countries with the highest and lowest employee turnover.

2. Livability. Of course no one really knows what it’s like to live in a country until he or she actuallylives there. But, if international recruiters have a good grasp and understanding of the livability of particular destinations, they can: make more suitable choices for offshore location; make more informed and suitable hiring choices; and plan the talent attraction campaign more effectively. There are several studies out there that show livability by country, such as the Global Liveabilty Ranking and Report by the Economist Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living City World-wide Ranking.

3. Talent shortages by country. It’s important to know how hard or easy it may be to find talent in specific global destinations, and the Manpower Global Talent Shortage gives you an analysis of the top 10 skill/talent shortages for the key markets in the world where you might be looking to hire staff. This seems to be the best and most comprehensive free survey of its kind.

4. New untapped sources of IT talent. There is no doubt that one of the biggest drivers of offshore recruiting and expansion is the search for IT talent. There is a global shortage of IT talent; the most innovative recruiters should always strive to be ahead of the game and find the next goldmine for IT talent so your company can exploit it, before the rest of the world catches on. International recruiters might be interested in the Zinnov Next Frontier Cities for Technology Talentwhich identifies the next 40 cities outside of the usual suspects that are suitable for hiring technology talent. There are nine locations in North and South America, 12 in EMEA and 10 in APAC. This is required reading for international recruiters.

5. Countries with the most productive workforces. This is a tough one as it’s hard to measure productivity. Is it measured by the number of hours they work? Well, to a point, as studies show that generally productivity levels start to drop after 40 hour-work weeks; so, arguably, countries with workforces averaging 40 hours a week may be more productive than those averaging 37.5 working hours a week or 35 hours a week. A good study to look at is the OECD study of average working hoursfor European countries. This CNN Money article gives some insights into average working hours across the world as well.

If you found these statistics useful, stay tuned for the second part of this article, which will show the next five most useful stats for international recruiters.

Please Wait for Part 2….

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