Why Outsource your Recruitment Process?

True that you have a well built a strong H.R team who are well versed with your company and also are well aware of your company needs. But a more fundamental level there is a small difference between knowing the problem and finding the solution to the problem. Especially in a market where the talented individuals are very hard to find, it’s rather a herculean task to find the right fit. Do you really think your H.R. team can manage this task all alone while simultaneously managing their other responsibilities? No, not really possible.

Scaling up your H.R team might seem like a worthwhile approach. But that doesn’t sound practical too. Most of your recruitment needs are short term and employing a permanent team to aid these short term needs doesn’t sound practical. Does it? It’s a twofold problem: You need an expert team to handle your specific recruitment needs and you want them dedicated to your company which is essential for better results. Here’s a simple solution to tackle this problem: Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services.

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service (RPO) is service where you outsource your recruitment process to an external service provider, a group of professional experts who dedicatedly work towards a common goal of finding the perfect fit for your company. Equipped with a huge network and all the advanced technical facilities, they have an unparallel access to everything that helps in doing their job in the best possible way in a short amount of time. They literally search entire world and make it possible for you to get access to the right talent. Being the Be it, the highly technical works like Sourcing data that calls for a dedicated personnel or high-profile works like “Executive Search‘’ that demands for a professional help, a RPO service provider saves both your time and money while delivering a seamless quality service.

The fact that RPO Services is estimated to grow by more than 50 percent is the next few years shows how welcoming the market proves to be. Going by this stat, its high time companies start to avail the RPO Services, because while you are just contemplating the benefits, your competitors might have gone ahead with flow to reap the rewards.


In a recruitment world, we’re constantly hearing phrases like active versus passive candidates and, to complicate things even more, passive candidates aren’t always totally passive (sounds weird). The fact of the matter is that our goal is to find the best candidate, and that candidate may be unemployed, employed but looking, employed by not looking, or employed and not open to the new opportunities. But every candidate has a different need at the time and we need to strategize our approach keeping in mind the different issues that we could encounter while connecting with the potential candidates.

Let’s talk in little detail about the type of candidates,

Active Candidates

An active candidate is actively seeking for other opportunities. This does not always mean unemployed, but it can be a jobholder as well. They are looking for other opportunities for various reasons:

  • they’re worried about their current job’s stability
  • they are seeking more responsibilities
  • the current job is being outsourced
  • their employer shut down the business

About a quarter of the employed workforce falls in this category, and it is from here that most of the open positions are filled. The reason being these are the people who are open to a new opportunity, and are proactively trying to find their next position.

Job postings on various job portals are the most common way employers or the recruiters reach active job seekers. By optimizing your job postings with accurate keywords and skills and sharing them on social media, you make your jobs easier to find the right person. However, a common complaint we hear from recruiters is the high number of unqualified/unmatched candidates they receive from job postings, which is perhaps the reason why many have moved towards the proactive candidate sourcing.

And, although you may receive a high volume of positive responses from your job postings and through active candidates sourcing, make sure you have a very effective follow up program in place. A poor candidate experience can damage the relationship between the client and the recruiter, which is a big no.

Passive Candidates

A passive candidate is already employed and not looking for a new opportunity and they roughly make up the 3/4th of the total lot.

The advantage with a passive type of candidate is that as they are not looking for a change from their current job, they most likely would not be giving interview anywhere else and that gives the advantage to advertise about the current open requirement to be presented in an attractive way. Let’s assume even a 20% of the 3/4th of this lot appears to be interested to discuss the requirement this gives us a better chance of scoring a good deal to find the elite profile. Since it can be tough to differentiate between passive candidates who are interested in speaking to you from one that is not, you should be extremely careful enough to how you reach out to people you find through proactive sourcing.

The potential candidates haven’t expressed any interest in your offer so far, so you want to get them excited about speaking with you. The initial communicate should include an introduction about you and your client, and provide some strong reasons why you are reaching out and why this move could benefit the candidate. Inform them why your jobs are relevant to their experience and tell them which part or skills of their resume make them a strong contender.






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There can never be a successfully running RPO Services without consistent clients and there can never be consistent clients without the ever so consistent recruiters. So what makes the Client so important?

Well to simply put across, they provide the bread and butter to the company. So keeping that in mind its the utmost duty of the recruiter or the RPO Services provider to have a genuine and cordial relation with the client. Not only that, we need to be alert to the sudden inflow of increase in requirements and the day when there is a lull as well.

But people can ask, not all the clients have the similar way of working style so how to maintain a balanced approach to deal with various style of working? There comes the role of a good professional recruiter. Good enough to be productive and professional enough to handle the client.

Once a cordial relationship is maintained with the client you are bound to have a relaxed vibe around you and the client, which in turn allows you to open up if there are any issues that needs to be thorough looked at. A continuous interaction with the client helps in understanding the work behavior that he/she has and what is expected out of you.

Nevertheless there are bound be few hiccups on the way dealing with clients and that is when the good professional recruiter comes into picture. Remember, it’s the client who is in touch with the end client and any issues with the end client is going to have consequences with our deal as well.

So without a doubt, the client is going to be the reason we all are going to turn up to work daily and losing them is going to make our office time feel even longer.



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We all are familiar with the word RPO aka Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Starting from the start-up enterprises to the top of the notch companies, all most every one of them feels the need to be connected to a Reputed and Professional Organization that has the expertise in the recruitment and staffing.

Welcome to RPO Services!!!

A dedicated team of professionals focused on giving the best of the best resources for your requirements. Every requirement is keenly analyzed and given utmost importance irrespective of it being a common position or a complex need.

So why RPO Services is The Best? To start with, a completely work friendly environment where the recruiters are given the due importance and recognition. From a fresher to an experienced person, the team treats its resources as a jewel and makes the priority of work and fun going hand-in-hand. And as I write this blog, we just had a situation which was critical enough to be serious for sometime but credit to our fantastic team, it turned into a heck of a fun (not to forget, Pizzas)

Nevertheless, come and be a part of this amazing bunch of talents and secure your future. Also to our clients and the ones joining in the future, rather than wasting the $$$ on others, we just have one thing to say, RPO SERVICES is THE BEST.

Future of Outsourcing

Outsourcing started as a revolutionary concept in reducing the overall cost incurred by company. What started as the nascent experiment actually triggered the whole work culture today known as outsourcing.

The birth of outsourcing happened in the mid 90s when the companies looked at various ways to reduce their overall cost and increasing the profit margin in specific unskilled department. There was an immediate effect and positive result and it had a dominos effect, which led to the companies to try this concept in skilled areas such as IT.

Asian countries specifically India, where cost of living is significantly lower than the developed countries grabbed the opportunities and resulted in the IT Boom as its called there. Coupled with the young workforce, outsourcing was a boon to this population and it was a main reason the outsourcing concept took the world by storm.

Various financial and market experts predicted the so called IT Boom wouldn’t last longer as the developing countries like India which benefited the most from outsourcing would eventually improve their cost of living and this would impact the cost of work as well. However, the economic crisis in 2008 made the companies more cautious and thus outsourcing is still the way forward.

Which brings us to the most important question, what’s the future of outsourcing? A market like USA,
which boasts of the highest standard of living, and a country like India, which has the highest workforce of youth population (over 60%) in the world, can be great partners in revolutionizing and taking the outsourcing concept further. No one can deny the fact that future is bright but challenges remain as other growing economies have started showing the impact and this is a direct competition for an established market like India.

Outsourcing ?? An option to take or not ??

Outsourcing some part of the business is the future of any business. Every big company outsources its part of business to a 3rd party company, it may be recruiting process, it may be pay-roll process, or sometimes it may the whole project.

Now lets see why a company should outsource a part of its process:

Reason 1: Cost – Employees are expensive

The hidden costs for every full-time employees are payroll taxes, paid time-off, equipment needs, training, health benefits, office space… you see where I’m going with this? Alternatively, if they simple outsource they can reduce the whole cost.

Reason 2: Experienced People – Outsourcing companies have more Brain Power

An outsourcing company has mastered in its area and have experts to deal with that particular type of work. For example if you want to recruit someone in your company with a skill which you are not so familiar and try to interview him/her, you will end up hiring a wrong guy for sure. (Unless you are a superman who can do anything). So better get an RPO Services company which can handle any type of requirements for you.

Reason 3: Get time to focus in business development.

One of the biggest reasons why small and mid-sized companies outsource their process is to get some free time when someone else is doing the job for them, so that they can concentrate in getting new clients or improve their services to their current clients.

Companies make it their top priority to stay-up-to-date and serve their clients with best quality services. So they pick best companies, outsource some part of its process and get things going great for them.

So, dear friends

The decision is yours whether you are moving a step ahead and hiring an outsourcing company for your needs or work on your own till you expand a little and wait for the right time to engage an outsourcing company. Keep in mind that not all agencies are the same so it’s important to do thorough research before choosing to hire one.

Strategies to make the Recruitment Process Outsourcing a Long Term Solution!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become a long term solution and is in great demand from the past five years and as well as in recent years. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is not only about searching and employing a candidate but it is all about a provider and a client working together to improve the quality and cost of the  entire recruitment process.

In order to make the Recruitment process sustainable, here are some of the considerations in the process that can increase the chance of continuing achievement of RPO by making sure that your RPO services stays line up to the strategic requirements by maintaining a long tern relationships and outsourcing the talent.

  • Motivating the Recruitment Process Outsourcing plan from your Resourcing– Recruitment Process Outsourcing involves everything starting from advising on recruitment strategy to managing relationships with the talent sources. However most of the corporations choose to outsource the recruitment services and take an advantage to maximize the scope of services outsourced. By maximizing the scope of your outsourcing deal, your provider can truly demonstrate their end-to-end proficiency in all areas and convey a holistic service. By discussing these scenarios with an planned provider will help them outline their service offering to uniquely support your needs..
  • Understanding the Requirements–   The Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers infinitely differentiated services and have their own technologies most of which incorporate to a greater extent with your accessible systems. But the main factor to understand is which provider can meet the specific needs , by understanding the market upfront and engaging easily in advance of time can bring a important efficiencies to the provider selection procedure.
  • Execution of Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO)- At last, time invested at accomplishment will make sure the long term success of RPO agreement. But make sure that your information is clean and employees records complete before you hand over to your provider and allow for a stabilization period where you work together to ensure continuity of service in a time period . Ensure a strong change and communications programmed is in place with the users so that this can be benefitted for  to the company as a whole.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is becoming more and more commoditized, in spite of being extremely focused and specialized in nature. Recruitment technologies and services are ever easier to get to, which means many are taking advantage of Recruitment Process Outsourcing than ever before. Companies can take advantage of RPO than ever before. With cautious upfront planning and a wish to truly change the recruiting function, Recruitment Process Outsourcing has become a main tool in driving a successful talent plan for the long term.

Challenges Faced by RPO Firms

In the present Recruiting has become one of the biggest challenge in some of the companies and they are facing some challenges to fill the vacant positions but others are unwilling to recruit because they are worried about the, but others are unwilling to recruit because they are worried about the economy or don’t have the resources to pay someone a competitive salary. in general challenge, not a issue but to select a talented candidate is a big challenges. There isn’t just one way to accomplish that, but perhaps this week’s news roundup will help.

The major recruitment Challenges Employers are facing – The major issue that disturbing employment challenges is that a most of the employers as well as small business owners consider that the recession is still with us. The depressing viewpoint on our country’s commercial climate means that fewer organizations will be hiring, especially since many of them don’t forecast an increase in sales for the first half of 2014.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in its early years– From the past ten years  RPO industry has been changing immensely , only just knew that  what RPO was, and even those  people who can that understood recruitment outsourcing were very doubtful and vigilant about the idea. Outsourcing other business functions was in advance and achieving success, but outsourced recruiting was the final frontier.

Does RPO Always Hiring the Same People? Recruiting people from the same companies necessarily. The candidate’s sources may have a established confirmation with your organization. But, restricting your candidate pool may make it difficult to fill the vacant positions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Marketing Social media marketing and recruiting is about doing what works and using what’s trending to your advantage. It’s not about being popular, or even doing what’s popular, as what’s popular may not work for your audience or your employment brand. The key to social recruiting isn’t much different from social media marketing. You need to engage your audience, and use these platforms as something more than a bullhorn for your company and open positions.

Requirement  for smarter sourcing of candidates-  With every vacant position you post, you will constantly receives plenty of resumes from candidates who are unqualified for the position, hence, companies desires to source out the smarter candidates  for their open positions. Sourcing smarter could mean a variety of tactics, such as mobile recruiting, employee referrals, and social media recruiting. A great measurement you need to have to determine your best sources for great candidates is the signal to noise metric. This metric shows you which sources ultimately lead to the most hires.

RPO a Long Way to go ahead in 2014

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) continues to be a hot topic in market. There is an increase of growth industry about 60% in 2014 because of the continuing rise of talent communities. Most of the companies are leveraging the right of entry to talent throughout social media profiles and data from applicant tracking systems in order to enlarge talent community’s .Now a day’s talent communities are rapidly becoming a necessity for all organizations. Each and every organization is looking for the highly qualified employee who can well handle the vacant position.2014 almost most of the companies are engaging the talented candidates so that the job opportunities can be increase.

At present the younger generating of employees thrives on making connections through smart phones, tablets and on social networks Recruiting of employees and a hiring procedure that involves social media engagement and innovation will persist to speed up as the talented candidates are on high demand to generate a strong pipeline.

2014 will see more and more practical approach towards Recruiting solutions, which are responsive and scalable, that can change the needs of the organization, and can be implemented without any delay. At present with the increase in business corporations and are considering recruiting procedure that can help their company to take to topmost position.  Recruitment Process Outsourcing has a promising future in the coming years and it requires an advance techniques in order to execute a highly and customized process. With the world moving in advance technologies and in the market state of affairs it is expected the way the Recruitment Process Outsourcing is progressing and going through a remarkable transformation. Outsourcing can happen in particular areas in establishing the business and effective functioning of its core competencies.

In India the Recruitment Process Outsourcing services enormous promising and encouraging image in the future .The scope of Recruitment Process Outsourcing predict in endless areas and continue to explore by creating a millions of jobs for the large amount of talent available in India .A promise of well talented and qualifies professionals are making their career in RPO’s is possible an being seen for future in India.

What should the RPO Providers Focus In Future?

In the rapidly changing world of business there is a great demand for RPO and its adapt services in order to meet the customer needs which includes like obtaining the required knowledge to develop a major connection with the customer’s worth and, as a control consistent events for the main competence at the less possible price. In order to achieve this RPO’s are required to handle the new changes in technology in business legislation. In order to carry out services with an additional assessment to distinguish their contribution and give long-term cost savings in order to stay competitive.

RPO Providers are in early stages of providing differentiation and they mainly focus on industries such as finance and accounting or precise categories of procurement outsourcing. So, with this it is clear that in coming years emerging value propositions will differ services that are being offered, so RPO’S require to turn into more practical, and this need better perceptive and improved exactness. In spite of existing trends on the way to RPO, the greater part of RPOs are still hasty and struggling to deliver beyond a cost savings play .Other than focusing on cost , in the coming years RPO’s must focus on the business drivers growth and productivity of work employed , competitive response in the market. A significant element can also turn about development impact for the client, by providing expectedness, clearness, suppleness and fulfillment, which are more and more in the critical business deliverables.

Several RPO value propositions will propositions will apply to diverse budget centers in accessible clients, with a shift towards industry stakeholders against commercial functions of investment, HR. In accumulation, there must be a hope for a move forward for numerous lesser deals in larger enterprises. So, the net raise in the numeral of customers that are being handled by RPO providers will necessitate significant quickness and new levels of originality in order to administer the preferred outcomes. This translates into a business which is going away to have to journey a decade of change. That also equates with a rising requirement for occasion and speculation from RPOs if the changes are going to pay off. Those that does not face a doubtful future as insist leaves at the back and processes to rum for clients. In future the RPO success will not be measure by the number of employees but it will be an output .