Challenges Faced by RPO Firms

In the present Recruiting has become one of the biggest challenge in some of the companies and they are facing some challenges to fill the vacant positions but others are unwilling to recruit because they are worried about the, but others are unwilling to recruit because they are worried about the economy or don’t have the resources to pay someone a competitive salary. in general challenge, not a issue but to select a talented candidate is a big challenges. There isn’t just one way to accomplish that, but perhaps this week’s news roundup will help.

The major recruitment Challenges Employers are facing – The major issue that disturbing employment challenges is that a most of the employers as well as small business owners consider that the recession is still with us. The depressing viewpoint on our country’s commercial climate means that fewer organizations will be hiring, especially since many of them don’t forecast an increase in sales for the first half of 2014.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in its early years– From the past ten years  RPO industry has been changing immensely , only just knew that  what RPO was, and even those  people who can that understood recruitment outsourcing were very doubtful and vigilant about the idea. Outsourcing other business functions was in advance and achieving success, but outsourced recruiting was the final frontier.

Does RPO Always Hiring the Same People? Recruiting people from the same companies necessarily. The candidate’s sources may have a established confirmation with your organization. But, restricting your candidate pool may make it difficult to fill the vacant positions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Marketing Social media marketing and recruiting is about doing what works and using what’s trending to your advantage. It’s not about being popular, or even doing what’s popular, as what’s popular may not work for your audience or your employment brand. The key to social recruiting isn’t much different from social media marketing. You need to engage your audience, and use these platforms as something more than a bullhorn for your company and open positions.

Requirement  for smarter sourcing of candidates-  With every vacant position you post, you will constantly receives plenty of resumes from candidates who are unqualified for the position, hence, companies desires to source out the smarter candidates  for their open positions. Sourcing smarter could mean a variety of tactics, such as mobile recruiting, employee referrals, and social media recruiting. A great measurement you need to have to determine your best sources for great candidates is the signal to noise metric. This metric shows you which sources ultimately lead to the most hires.


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