Outsourcing ?? An option to take or not ??

Outsourcing some part of the business is the future of any business. Every big company outsources its part of business to a 3rd party company, it may be recruiting process, it may be pay-roll process, or sometimes it may the whole project.

Now lets see why a company should outsource a part of its process:

Reason 1: Cost – Employees are expensive

The hidden costs for every full-time employees are payroll taxes, paid time-off, equipment needs, training, health benefits, office space… you see where I’m going with this? Alternatively, if they simple outsource they can reduce the whole cost.

Reason 2: Experienced People – Outsourcing companies have more Brain Power

An outsourcing company has mastered in its area and have experts to deal with that particular type of work. For example if you want to recruit someone in your company with a skill which you are not so familiar and try to interview him/her, you will end up hiring a wrong guy for sure. (Unless you are a superman who can do anything). So better get an RPO Services company which can handle any type of requirements for you.

Reason 3: Get time to focus in business development.

One of the biggest reasons why small and mid-sized companies outsource their process is to get some free time when someone else is doing the job for them, so that they can concentrate in getting new clients or improve their services to their current clients.

Companies make it their top priority to stay-up-to-date and serve their clients with best quality services. So they pick best companies, outsource some part of its process and get things going great for them.

So, dear friends

The decision is yours whether you are moving a step ahead and hiring an outsourcing company for your needs or work on your own till you expand a little and wait for the right time to engage an outsourcing company. Keep in mind that not all agencies are the same so it’s important to do thorough research before choosing to hire one.

Strategies to make the Recruitment Process Outsourcing a Long Term Solution!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become a long term solution and is in great demand from the past five years and as well as in recent years. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is not only about searching and employing a candidate but it is all about a provider and a client working together to improve the quality and cost of the  entire recruitment process.

In order to make the Recruitment process sustainable, here are some of the considerations in the process that can increase the chance of continuing achievement of RPO by making sure that your RPO services stays line up to the strategic requirements by maintaining a long tern relationships and outsourcing the talent.

  • Motivating the Recruitment Process Outsourcing plan from your Resourcing– Recruitment Process Outsourcing involves everything starting from advising on recruitment strategy to managing relationships with the talent sources. However most of the corporations choose to outsource the recruitment services and take an advantage to maximize the scope of services outsourced. By maximizing the scope of your outsourcing deal, your provider can truly demonstrate their end-to-end proficiency in all areas and convey a holistic service. By discussing these scenarios with an planned provider will help them outline their service offering to uniquely support your needs..
  • Understanding the Requirements–   The Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers infinitely differentiated services and have their own technologies most of which incorporate to a greater extent with your accessible systems. But the main factor to understand is which provider can meet the specific needs , by understanding the market upfront and engaging easily in advance of time can bring a important efficiencies to the provider selection procedure.
  • Execution of Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO)- At last, time invested at accomplishment will make sure the long term success of RPO agreement. But make sure that your information is clean and employees records complete before you hand over to your provider and allow for a stabilization period where you work together to ensure continuity of service in a time period . Ensure a strong change and communications programmed is in place with the users so that this can be benefitted for  to the company as a whole.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is becoming more and more commoditized, in spite of being extremely focused and specialized in nature. Recruitment technologies and services are ever easier to get to, which means many are taking advantage of Recruitment Process Outsourcing than ever before. Companies can take advantage of RPO than ever before. With cautious upfront planning and a wish to truly change the recruiting function, Recruitment Process Outsourcing has become a main tool in driving a successful talent plan for the long term.

CareerBuilder Jobs Forecast : Cautious Hiring Ahead

Influenced by the budget uncertainty in Washington, HR professionals and hiring managers in CareerBuilder’s annual survey of hiring intentions said they expected to increase headcount in 2014, but the numbers and the rate of hire would depend on Congressional action about the debt ceiling.CB job forecast 2014 hiring change

The budget bill President Obama signed last week resolved only part of the national fiscal uncertainty. The debt ceiling, which is due to come in February, is a different matter. Both parties has so far signaled their intention not to compromise on raising the federal borrowing limit.

That has cast a pall of uncertainty over hiring plans, said respondents to CareerBuilder’s survey. The survey released this morning reports that 23 percent of the participants said they’ll either slow the pace of hiring or simply wait until after Congress resolves the debt question. Overall, 24 percent of companies expect to increase their permanent, full-time headcount in 2014, not much different than last year’s 26 percent.

CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson said, “What we saw in our survey
was reluctance from some employers to commit to adding jobs until the outcomes of debt negotiations and other issues affecting economic expansion are clearer. As these stories play out and employers find their footing in the new year, there is greater potential for the average monthly job creation in 2014 to exceed that of 2013.”

CB 2014 Jobs forecast in demand jobsThe survey found hiring to be most robust for sales (30 percent) , IT (29 percent), and customer service (25 percent) positions.  More companies in this survey said they expected to hire part-timers; 17 percent saying that this year versus 14 percent last year. Slightly more companies said they expect to hire temp and contract workers — 42 percent versus 40 percent last year.

Besides the part time hiring, CareerBuilder listed four more hiring trends in 2014:

  1. More companies plan to onshore jobs (26 percent v. 23 percent reporting they did so in 2013).
  2. Viewing it as evidene of a widening skills gap, CareerBuilder said 51 percent of just the HR managers surveyed reported having open jobs they can’t find qualified workers to fill. Forty-six percent said the positions go three or more months without being filled.
  3. Because of the skills issue, 49 percent of employers will train workers without the experience to fill these jobs. That’s up by 10 points from last year.
  4. A quarter of companies say they will promote their career opportunities to high schoolers.

Salary increases will look a lot like last year. About half the companies will offer raises in the 1-3 percent range. A quarter will offer no raise at all.

Companies Struggle to Recruit Internationally

Last year, CH2M Hill, the Englewood, Colorado-based global engineering firm, hired 400 people in the Middle East alone.

The company has been steadily expanding its reach worldwide, and much of its growth is coming from emerging markets. The $6.4 billion global engineering company has more than 30,000 employees and has managed projects in 149 countries.

To meet growth goals, the talent management team has to be able to quickly source foreign employees. But it’s not easy, says Nicole Guiet, the company’s talent acquisition director.

Guiet oversees talent management efforts from Alaska to Argentina, and has found that each part of the world has its own recruiting culture. “There are labor shortages everywhere,” she says. “And the recruiting techniques that work in the U.S. don’t necessarily work around the globe.”

The disconnect between local and international recruiting techniques is making it difficult for many HR executives to keep up with their companies’ pressing need for global talent acquisition. And executives are getting frustrated.

According to a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of KPMG titled Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World, 3 out of 4 executives say their workforce is becoming increasingly global, but just 1 in 4 believe their HR teams excel at sourcing and retaining international talent.

And while more than 80 percent of executives say that putting in place an effective talent management strategy is key to their success, just 24 percent believe their HR team is able to support their globalization strategy.

“Executives are beginning to realize that the only thing that can’t be cloned by the competition is a deep talent bench,” says Tim Payne, partner and European HR director for KPMG in London.

HR professionals have an important role to play in global talent acquisition, but they have to look beyond their tried-and-true local recruiting strategies to meet executive expectations. That means figuring out how to deal with the inconsistent education systems in many countries, along with limited talent pools, and fierce competition from global and local businesses for the best people.

And they need to recognize that they don’t understand everything about how the local hiring culture functions, Payne says. “One of the reasons why it is so difficult for HR to support global business units is that simple global policies don’t work.”

KPMG experienced this problem when it launched a KPMG center in India where there is a constant battle for the best talent. Relying on its London recruiting strategy, KPMG set up a two-day assessment center in Delhi, but applicants wouldn’t stick around.

“The process was too slow, and we lost good candidates to competitors,” Payne says. “When we started listening to local experts, we changed our process to be in line with local norms, and it instantly became more effective.”

Local experts are the best tool in this fight to improve global talent-acquisition strategies, Guiet adds.

At CH2M Hill, her team creates strategy reports for each country or region that define demographic information, including local hiring challenges, talent-pool availability, local and international competitors, common drivers to attract talent, and salary expectations.

Then they work with local recruiters to build a media plan that takes advantage of the best local recruiting strategies. “The key is admitting you don’t have all the answers and being willing to listen to those who do,” she says. “It’s about going slow now so you can go fast later.”


Advantages & Disadvantages of E Recruiting

The emergence of the Internet has revolutionized not only the way people communicate and interact with one another, but also how companies outsource manpower. Online recruitment—more commonly known as “e-recruitment”—has become prevalent with the proliferation of websites specifically made for job postings and recruitment.

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Global Reach
Perhaps the most commonly cited advantage of electronic recruiting is its ability to reach a wider range of audiences. Reaching a larger target means a greater number of job seekers. The larger the number of applicants, the greater the chance that one of those is the most competent applicant for the job position.

Aside from doing companies a favor in terms of a larger applicant pool, e-recruiting is cost-effective. Rather than paying for newspaper space that only reaches a limited number of people, posting job openings on the Internet costs less, while reaching a broader audience. Even paying for postage, gas costs when dropping off a resume and calling phone numbers in job openings have been eliminated with the advent of e-recruiting.

Faster Recruitment Cycle
Posting a job opening—complete with all the specifications—on the Internet takes only a few minutes. With a global reach, job seekers often respond to e-recruitment postings on the same day with their resumes. The moment human resource departments receive resumes, the recruitment process starts; initial screenings through virtual tests and interviews can be immediately conducted at the discretion of the employer.

Executive Talent
Even though e-recruitment has the advantage of being cost-effective and having a faster recruiting cycle, it is not always a feasible way of recruiting executive talent for top company positions. Traditional, personal contact is still needed to gauge talent and skills. Interpersonal skills, years of experience and even professional work ethic are not easily assessed through virtual screenings.

While it may be true that e-recruiting provides a larger applicant pool, it might exclude other groups who do not have Internet access. This is particularly true to less affluent groups who, due to demographics, might not be able to access computers or the Internet.


Spain – Recruitment growth driven exclusively by temporary workers

Recruitment in Spain increased for the third consecutive month during November 2013, rising by +7.8% compared with a year ago. The growth was driven exclusively by a +9.1%, year-on-year, increase in temporary recruitment, according to the Spanish Labour Market Monitor (Asempleo).

In contrast, the number of permanent contracts continued to decline, falling to -6.2% below the number reported in November 2012. The biggest fall was reported for part-time workers, which declined by -10.6%, year-on-year.

Although positive, the weak growth forecast for the Spanish economy in 2014 of +0.5% is not expected to be sufficient enough to stimulate solid growth in net employment. Forecasts point to virtually no change in the employment rate for the year as a whole, with the year-on-year employment rate is expected to decline by -0.2%.

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Elite Recruiter

RPO services, we provide permanent Experienced recruiter(s); with all the necessary skills, tools and technologies for recruitment process. Here the dedicated team or dedicated resource will work as your shadow team in India to support your recruitment process achievement


The team or resource we provide will settle in to your values and process and convey accurately according to your needs with pre set and settled performance criteria. Working like an extension to your team, the dedicated recruiter can support you in:


  • Source, review and evaluate resumes
  • Conduct phone interview to identify capable candidates
  • Develop and keep up high-level information of current technologies
  • Make reports as looked-for
  • Advertisement: Job posting the requirements on to job portal and complete internet search
  • Filter: Resume screening and response handling with Technical Check / Skills Match
  • Interview: Call the short listed candidates to check their availability and discuss the requirement
  • Negotiate: Negotiate rates with the consultants as per requirements and submit profiles to your account managers
  • Response Tracking & Reporting: Regular reporting, response management and coordination, Passive Search
  • Strong customer service skills

Dedicated Recruiting Teams

Businesswomen talking

Our Offshore Recruiting Team at our worldwide delivery Center is an outstanding solution if you need a complete control over human and technical resources mixed up into the recruitment process. Here, we dedicate Recruiting Features at a high level of accuracy, protection, flexibility and scalability. At Global Delivery Center, we organize and quick deploy high volumes of requirements or arrange an efficient and reliable support for Top Priority Requirements.

Dedicated Recruiting team like – Recruiting Leads, Offshore Sourcing Specialists and QC, and support, presents clients an easy and cost-helpful solution for an attractive and different kind of employ groups. The team size is adjustable and depends on your current needs.

Formation steps:

  • Help initiation / union signing
  • Information broadcasting (requirements / process/ standards)
  • Team combination and any key roles supply
  • Transportation setup / communications separation
  • DRT method open and function


RPO Services India – Recruiting Process Outsourcing Company – RPOSERVICES

Portrait of business woman smiling in office

RPO Services is a recruiting process outsourcing firm based in INDIA, providing services worldwide. RPO Services promises to reduce your recruitment cost and time more than 50% and increases your productivity by 50%. Together we will be 100% the perfect stop for your entire recruiting support. We have knowledge in providing an array of experts.

RPO Services is into informing the marketplace regarding Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, which include common metrics and comparison in order as defined by staffing, development and enforcement of certifications and endorsement of RPO benefits.

RPO Services have the right people, in the right place, at the right time which is the key to competitive advantage.
We have groups with stimulation who will lend a hand for you to succeed at every part of your recruiting cycle.

RPO Services in India deal with Staffing Services and provide offshore recruiters for all Small business & Recruitment Agency serving clients globally in Information Technology, Engineering, manufacturing, and Hospitality & Healthcare staffing Sectors.

Responsibility: We have a clear and visible structure and strategy that allow and encourage individual and collective responsibility. We take possession of a situation and take the appropriate actions to ensure a positive and appropriate declaration.

Delivering Value: We consistently convey high quality and expenditure effective services that exceed expectations. We have the ability to recognize our clients’ best definition of success by delivering an unparalleled service.

Innovation: We deliver original and thought- maddening solutions. We are ready to try new ideas and differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our creative and modified services.

Knowledge: We understand the ever-changing demands and influences within our industry and continually review the resources, experience and expertise within our business to deliver a comprehensive and customer focused service.

Quality: We ensure adherence to RPO project execution processes by allocating at least one team member (team leader) who is well versed and trained in RPO business processes and has undergone a complete project lifecycle using these processes. Project documents and profiles sent are peer-reviewed and/or reviewed/approved by project manager before delivery to verify deliverable quality.

Speed: We strongly believe in leveraging our technology expertise to provide HR solutions to reduce overall operations costs and increase return on investment (ROI) for our customers.