Three Common Misconceptions about RPO Services:

As much as we feel proud about the rise of RPO industry in recent times, we are also aware of some glaring misconceptions that are perpetuated in the market. So here are the most common misconceptions about RPO Industry and the real truth, of course:

Misconception –   RPO Services are only for Big Companies.

Truth – On the contrary, small and medium sized companies are the ones who usually get to enjoy the fruits of good sourcing and recruitment practices. As we have had our fair share of working experience with some small yet cool companies, we can vouch for the fact that they are in a dire need of qualified talent and it is very difficult for them to attract the right talent making a professional recruiter their go to guy.

Misconception –
RPO Services is costly.

Truth – A Professional RPO can always work under a budget constraint.  As we have said above, small and medium sized companies who work under a budget constraint can easily avail professional services at a cost that can be compared to their usual recruitment costs. Moreover the process of outsourcing is more inclined to the long term benefits of a company which can be boon to the small and medium sized companies who strive for long term growth.

Misconception – You loose control over your recruitments activities.

Truth – This is one of the most common myth RPO Services had to suffer. There is no point of loosing your control really. In fact you gain control. You can either outsource your entire recruitment activities or use the recruiter for only some special tasks in general. You are given a complete control over the final say and a RPO service provider is completely accountable for everything in his hand over which can be easily verified using quantifiable metrics.


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