The Benefits and Limitations of a Dedicated Recruitment Team

A dedicated recruitment team is a team of recruitment experts provided by the firm for the client to work dedicatedly on one single project as a part of a prior agreement. The process is simple: The client communicates his technical and professional requirements. A team in-line with the requirements is assembled by the firm and starts working on the project with the directions from the client.

This model is highly effective when the in-house team of the client lacks the specific skill set to solve the problem at hand. Due to the inherent process of this model, the team working with the client at the client location is in a good position to understand the business goals and hence can devote the time develop the project specific solutions improving the efficiency and productivity.

Below are some of the advantages of fielding a dedicated recruitment team:

  1. Highly qualified resources at disposal with complete control in the client’s hand.
  2. Better communication and compatibility with the team.
  3. A better budget controls with no overhead operational costs.
  4. Flexibility in making changes to the scope of work.
  5. A clearer vision for the team towards the business goals.

Although there are some concrete benefits for this model,it should be noted that the scope of this model is limited. So if you are to seriously consider choosing this model, here are some limitations you should be aware of:

  1. Not feeble for short term projects.
  2. Selection of resources and other parts of the process may involve a lot of time for execution.
  3. Communication and management of the team have to be taken care of the clients which can be a quite risky.

It should be noted that the clients looking for the dedicated recruitment teams are generally equipped with both time and resources to handle these minor limitations. On the whole, this model is one of the most effective and economic models for long-term projects.